Can we play you every week?

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So now the team is back and training, we’ve got all the chatter that goes with it, and it’s all positive stuff. Gallas, the captain, has staked his claim for remaining captain with an admission he could have done things differently last season (less crying and hoarding assaults would be a start). With all the other nonsense that has gone on this close season, and the departure of experienced players, I just can’t see Wenger rocking the boat here.

Then there’s Diaby and Denilson, both of whom spot their chance. In fact, Diaby is ‘applying for the job’ of central midfielder, we are told.

Interviewing for a new role within the team – now I like this idea. Wouldn’t it be great to have seen Eboue’s job application for moving from right back to right midfield. “I feel I have done all I can here…need a new challenge…been doing the same old boring thing for too long…don’t get on with the person I sit next to”.

What else? Well we slotted ten past the mighty Burgenland XI – 4 for Bendtner, 3 for Vela, 2 for Wilshere and a partridge in a pear tree for Walcott. Not much to read into this I suspect, but on Wednesday we face Stuttgart and that should see the return of some of the big boys and give us a better idea of Wenger’s plans for the 16th August.

Until then I will be passing the time pressing F5 in my browser. It’s a summer sport and keeps the digits fit.


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