Bruised Again…

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Is Campbell going round in a blindfold or something? Just as he’s recovered from a bruised this, he’s sustained a bruised that. And Wenger admitted he wanted to play him too. Well, I know it’s not a universal feeling, but I hope the chunky man is back soon. Wenger says he’s champing at the bit and that’s good enough for me.

So anyway, ahead of tomorrow night’s game that’s the big news, along with the continuing absence of Ljungberg, who also bruised something in Wenger’s latest training exercise, “Kick Hard And Bruise”. I lie of course, he’s done nothing of the sort. Freddie is “troubled” by a “calf injury”.

Reyes is back too.

“I expect to get a warm welcome from the fans”, said the Patman today.

You will my friend, you will.

More tomorrow, if my nerves allow.


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