Blogging holiday over – now what?

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So where am I?

I’m not 100% sure, because I’ve never exactly checked, but I’m pretty certain that two weeks is about as long as I have ever gone without checking in here to spew a few words out since I first started the site, now over seven years ago in earth years – or 56 blogging years.

[Incidentally, the eagle-eyed may note that this blog does in fact only go back to 2005. That’s because there was a web-hosting blunder, about which I am still sore, which wiped out the first two years of the blog. I did in fact start it just after we beat Southampton in the FA Cup in 2003, which you can see here on the Way Back Machine, if you give the remotest toss. I do still have the entries and may one day attempt to reingest them here.]

It’s now 15 days since my last post. For the first part of this hiatus, I was on my traditional English seaside holiday. I baked in the glorious May sun – they didn’t mention that in the brochure.

I did go armed with my laptop and there was a broadband connection at my mercy, but even though we signed Marouane Chamakh, the whole Cesc thing was bubbling away and Merida was on his way out, I just couldn’t be dragged away from my bucket and spade.

Since then I have been out of the country, on a last-minute trip, meeting some very cool people. Indeed, as I write this, I am still there – or here – though I won’t be for much longer.

Now, when football is in the blood, football is in the blood, so it won’t surprise you that at the first opportunity I sniffed out a football stadium (and football museum) while here. The stadium at the top is in the city where I currently am – and is home to one of the city’s top-flight teams.

Answers on a postcode.

So, it’s been a refreshing absence but normal – that’s to say normal for me, so intermittent – service will now be resumed.

So what’s going on? Well a quick glance tells me that Robin van Persie’s had an injury scare, William Gallas is cross and we’ve been linked with a goalkeeper and a centre-half.

Plus ça bloody change, plus c’est la bloody meme chose!


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Jeff Morrison

    You in Philly? Watching the US vs. the Turks?

  2. RotorGoat

    Nope – further south. Quite a bit further south…

  3. 433

    Even in just the last year we’ve had a seismic shift in the availability of football coverage here in the states. I was just greeted with this when I opened my ESPN online video site:

    Dagenham & Redbridge vs. Rotherham United: Promotion to League One is on the line when Dagenham & Redbridge and Rotherham face off.


  4. RotorGoat

    Is that meant to be a good thing…?

  5. Mrs Feverpitch

    Can I guess where you are? Or am I not included in this quiz because I know where you are!

  6. Hank

    Hey man, like thats really unfair. How come poor Rotherham have to play 2 teams to win the trophy?

    Dagenham AND Redbridge vs lil old Rotherham? No way, that sucks dude.

  7. met

    Dagenham & Redbridge is one team.

  8. Jon


  9. willl

    sao paolo ?

  10. willl

    rewrite – the home of corinthians.. The Pacaembu stadium..sao paulo?

  11. RotorGoat

    Good one willl – it was indeed.

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