Big Up To The Seat Installers

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This is a courtesy update – the hard news is thin on the ground, unless you’re counting the story about the covers coming off the seats at the new stadium [interesting fact #1 – it’s called the ‘Arsenal Seat’. Now you know].

Glass of cold beer to the 30 fellas who installed those seats too – since March, they’ve installed 2,000 each, or 125 a week per man. That’s more drilling than is good for your sanity and some sore knees to boot, I wager. Judging by those stats, installing the Arsenal Seat is no cup of tea. 25 a day – that’s just over three seats an hour, or one every twenty minutes on an average working day. Hats off gents!

So anyway, the Bird-man’s testimonial is just two weeks away, and with it the opening of the new stadium [interesting fact #2 – the new megashopstore is called ‘The Armoury’. Now you know]. Sadly I won’t be able to attend, but luckily those doyens of live football Channel 5 have come to the rescue in that regard.

And still nothing doing in the transfer department. The strongest current rumour is that of Saviola – though it’s just one of many, including Ghanaian Stephen Appiah.

Perhaps not surprisingly, we’ve not been linked with many Englishmen again this summer. Will Wenger try to redress that if Cole and Campbell go? Depends who’s available I suppose – but we certainly could do with a few more, if only to teach the dressing room how to speak English.



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