Ballon Door shuts on Thierry

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Well I’ve calmed down a little now, and it’s onwards and upwards for the Arsenal.

That old cliché about getting a defeat out of your system by playing as soon as possible is as apt as it ever was, and fortunately for us we’ve got the chance to do it on Wednesday against Fulham.

We should see Henry and van Persie back, which will give us more offensive power than several dozen Adebayors combined, and I think Wenger will pair them together in a nostalgic 4-4-2, just like the old days. I’m also hoping we’ve got Rosicky and Gallas back for the showdown against the 1961 champions on Saturday. Those are the games I always look forward to and dread in equal measures – a peculiar clash of emotions if you think about it, especially when it’s entirely self-inflicted.

But back to Wednesday, and it’s a good opportunity to get back on track. We’ve done pretty well at Shaven Frottage over the last few years, and I hope the disappointment of Saturday will have affected each and every one of the squad as it clearly has the fans. I accept most of what Wenger says about this young team, about potential and ability and so on, but consistency is so hard to come by, and until we can discover it, this season will remain as stop/start as it has been so far.

Finally, commiserations to Thierry, who rather predictably did not win the Ballon D’Or. The whole thing’s a fix, so Thierry, if you’re reading this (fat chance), chin up old man. Pick your team up and let’s turn that potential into power on Wednesday.

Come on you rip-roarers.


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