Authentic New Shirt – It’s Just Like 1913 Again

Arsenal are clearly going hell for leather to make us buy the new Ribena shirt. This morning I got a beautifully crafted, mock-oldendays brochure, extolling the virtues of the new one-season-shirt. The new shirt, we are told, uses the “original colourway” (answers on a postcard), and to keep it as 1913-authentic as possible, it will be “adorned” with “stylish gold for the sponsor’s branding, players’ names and squad numbers”, and made, as they were in the first part of the twentieth century, “from the latest ‘breathable’ lightweight sports fabric”.

And finally, to cement the feeling that it’s right out of the 1913 brochure, it’s just 40 modern pounds sterling, which, if a shirt cost that in 1913, would now cost, using the retail price index and adding the usual inflationary gubbins, £2,405.74p.

I am of course now talking completely out of my arse.

Besides, scrape off the veneer of cynicism and you’ll find someone who, despite early reservations, now actually quite likes the new shirt. I will of course be buying one, to wear perhaps three times before putting it in the cupboard with the rest of my thrice-worn shirts. Who knows, in 2113, it might well be worth something.

So yes, despite it not being our proper colour, and despite it costing a lot for what is, essentially, a £5 shirt made somewhere like Indonesia and sold here for £40, and despite it being a one-season wonder, I’ll be having one please thanks. But I point-blank refuse to pay £40 for one, so any advice as to where I can get it for a more reasonable price – for an authentic one – would be most gratefully received.

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  1. If you want to get the new shirt cheap go to Sports Soccer…there are quite a few around. They normally do all the latest shirts for £25. Cheers

  2. sports soccer is the cheapest ive found and at jjb they will put a name and number on the back for £5 pounds not £12 that the Arse will charge does anybody know why the Arse charge so much ?

  3. I too received the same brochure and once again Arsenal fail with their marketing! Take a look at our captains name on the back of the shirt!!!! That’s right, they couldn’t even spell it right!!!!!
    As for cheap shirts, Lillywhites (sp?) were selling last years shirt for £25 or £30 with Henry 14/Pires 7 on the back when it first came out. Genuine & official lettering. I’ll probably be heading back there

  4. Do JJb. Lillywhites or Sports Soccer have the gold lettering & numbers because it will look a bit naff with white on the back.

  5. if you buy the letters from with the shirt, you will get felt letters, instead of the paint ones you get from the shops.

  6. The shops dont know yet what they will be getting can someone tell me where lillywhites is ? i think the Arse are taking the piss especially as yet another away shirt is also coming out anyone know what colour it will be.

  7. I don’t mind paying the £40, even though i live in Australia and by the time it gets here it costs me £58 (about $140Aus), I see it as my way of ‘supporting’ the team each year as i don’t get to go to any games.


  9. The away kit is to be Yellow and “Charcoal”. I was told this by one of the managers at the Arsenal World of Sport at Finsbury Park.

  10. Uncle Fester, Lillywhites is a big sports department store in London, on the corner of Piccadilly and Lower Regent Street. Usually worth a visit!
    Also, Peter Crouch is the worst player I’ve ever seen in the Premiership. There’s talk that he’s coming to Highbury tomorrow. I hope only to buy a flat ‘cos we don’t want him. Do we?

  11. Ahh, but if you buy the shirt from the Club shop you get into Highbury for free….okay, there won’t be a match on, but free entry to the museum, changing rooms and players tunnel is worth it surely? Just before they destroy our beautiful home. *Sniff*

  12. The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company ( has the authentic one for about £33.00

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