And with legendary timing…

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…I headed off-blighty to earn an honest shilling to pay for the roof over the Goat’s head, just as one of the biggest news stories for some time hits the Arsenal.

Now that I’m back, I discover that my internet connection is down on the canvas, eyes all puffed up and with a split lip the size of a Norwegian fjord.

All of which means I am forced to beg, borrow and steal bandwidth to stay sane.

The most frustrating aspect of the whole Dein thing? Regardless of which position you take – pro the status quo, or pro the magnificent moustache – this looks like being a protracted battle for control of the football club we love. Arsenal, which prided itself on having a solid, stable board, is now split into two camps and facing a potentially unpleasant takeover bid.

Inevitably, it will lead to destabilisation on the field at a time we need it least.

More thoughts on this to come, when the bytes have returned to roost in my computer (that’s the technical term).

I might be some time.


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