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Good Friday, Splendid Saturday, Sensational Sunday – that’s the plan for this weekend. With only eight games remaining, all games are now critical and tomorrow’s is no different. A defeat though and you’d think the rotund female would be reaching for the mouthwash for a quick pre-rendition gargle.

Arsenal has been a peculiar beast this last month or two, but one thing we have done is raised our game for the monster ties, such as AC Milan away. And tomorrow is as monster-like a tie as we’ll see frankly, so it would be very Arsenal-like if we pulled something out of the bag. It’s not going to be easy though, especially with the Russians breathing their hot, malodorous breath down our necks and the fact that they have not lost in the league at home since 2004. And was it us who last beat them there?

It’s a biggie alright and it should be a cracker. We were desperately close to beating them there last season when Nigel Flamini’s late goal was cancelled out even later, so let’s go one step further this time…

Fasten your seat belts.


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