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It’s something of a mystery – but a welcome one, don’t get me wrong – how a team that plays so woefully one day can, just a few days later, put in such a committed, ankle-snapping performance as we did yesterday. Whatever Wenger spiked their isotonic sports drinks with worked – with any dawdling by the Totterers (and let’s face it, there was an astonishing amount of that) pounced upon ruthlessly. Every player played his part, and none more so than Adebayor, who had his best game yet in an Arsenal shirt. He was magnificent. So another lovely 3-0, watched by the biggest crowd yet to attend the Grove (60,115, which is five whole fans more than the previous record), capped a lovely day for us all.

Now, what we really need is to ensure that, in terms of consistency, this is not another false dawn. We’re capable of the good and the bad (sometimes even the ugly), but until we see more of the former on a regular basis, this season could remain as fitful and frustrating as it has been thus far.

The whole fandango has been spiced up by the barney between Thierry and the boss, which was either nothing (says Thierry) or something (implies Wenger), depending on what you believe. I think it’s safe to say something went on, though Henry bent over backwards yesterday to show everyone he’s as committed to the cause as ever, popping up in the tunnel and on the touchline at opportune moments and grinning more in one moment (when Ade Cool scored) than he has done all season on the pitch. One thing we can all agree on is that we could do with him back in tip-top nick. If he can tuck away six league goals playing less than wonderfully, then we can all lick our lips at the prospect of him coming back fit and happy.

Anyway, it was the perfect way to bolster confidence ahead of a tricky week.

And finally, great cup draw today, eh? With a trip to the same venue for the Milk Cup quarters, we’re going to be sick of the sight of each other. So much for the magic of the cup.


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