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Arsenal 3-0 Charlton

So no Theo Walcott in the end, but we didn’t need him as an increasingly bullish Arsenal turned over a Charlton side who were either poor, or just happened to play us on one of our imperious days, or most likely, a bit of both.

It was all too easy, and we should have been four or five up come the half-time whistle had it not been for some hilarious finishing from new boy Emmanuel Adebayor. Through on goal twice, he made the simplest part look hard, though he atoned for himself by doing the opposite – managing to score while tumbling to the ground – a bit later. The rest of his game was pleasing though, with him holding up the ball well and making a general nuisance of himself. The fans are warming to him hugely too; there’s just something about him, isn’t there? He’s not the world’s most naturally technical player, but his bumblingly effective style means he’s got all the right ingredients to turn him into a cult player. Three goals in seven appearances is a testament to his ability too. I like him a lot.

For that reason, I’d like to champion a new song for him (though the Big Ben chimes one, A-de-ba-yor, A-de-ba-yor is already quite good), and it’s the title of this piece. Ade Cool, to the tune, in case you hadn’t guessed, of Daddy Cool. Will it take off?

So a great performance again, with the whole team continuing its fine form, and things are hotting up for fourth (if someone had said that ten years ago, it would have raised furrowed brows).

There’s probably loads of transfer gossip regarding Henry to report on this morning, but frankly, I can’t be bothered with it. As Henry said himself in yesterday’s programme, “There are no quotes from me in the story, no quotes from Barcelona, no quotes from anyone”.

Enjoy your Sundays etc…


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