5 things to do in the international break

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1. Find Abou Diaby
He’s gone missing. Injurepol have been alerted but there is still no sign of our no-minutes-on-the-pitch midfielder. If spotted, feel free to approach him. He’s completely harmless.

2. Avoid what Denilson’s been drinking
Six appearances for Sao Paolo, three red cards. That’s some work. One can only speculate what it was that has unleashed the beast in Denilson, but he’s gone all Razor Ruddock on us. Topping it all off, the man whose chirpy ‘Bom Dias a Todos’ pipes out on Twitter at the same time every day seems to be scrapping online with his own fans too. On balance, I think he’s best off where he is for now.

3. Buy some WD-40 for this

4. Invert the league table
Sixth is not bad. Plenty to work on – I think we can catch Bolton.

5. Make your own meal deal
Missing the authentic matchday experience? Make yourself a slice of pizza, pour yourself a pint of Carlsberg into a plastic glass and charge yourself £9.

(Apologies for this, but I’m a bit bored and a bit unemployed at the moment).


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  1. Anonymous

    I liked the WD-40 bit! LOL! I can’t wait for Wenger’s next excuse/observation … he provides almost as many laughs as Rowan Atkinson every week! The man’s a riot. If only one of the syndicated shows would put together a collection of AW’s post match comments…. bet they’d make a fortune on it. Yo ESPN – you listening to this?? Don’t forget my cut of the royalties for the idea.    

  2. Jeff

    1. Find Abou Diaby

    Very nice.

  3. Jeff

    It is sad when he doesn’t even get mentioned in the injury news.

  4. Anonymous

    It is very sad for Diaby that he’s still injured. To be honest though, it isn’t particularly sad for Arsenal Football Club or it’s fans. He’s simply not good enough. Not enough desire & not enough brains.
    If he gets fit by January, my only joy will be if that means we can rid of him for a few quid & get someone better in.

  5. Anonymous

    A little bit of good news……with apologies in advance to anyone from Cameroon……but your team not qualifying for the African Nations is simply fantastic news for Arsenal cos the thought of Song heading off for 5/6 weeks (given out complete inability to get results when he’s not in the team) is absolutely terrifying.

  6. Jeff

    It really is time to start recording a long string of victories.  I’ve just taken a look at the return through 7 fixtures, and it’s a dead-on average of one point per match.

    We have it all to do with a 12-point deficit on the leaders.

  7. Anonymous

    Jeff, we have it all to do with 6 points to make up on Liverpool & 5 (8 if they win their game in hand) on the Totts. Let’s worry about them…….the 12 points to the leaders is (being realistic) a complete irrelevance……

    Is it just me or are international breaks getting duller & duller ????

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