The Unspendables

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Well, it looks like Sol might come back from the qualifiers nice and fresh. That, in a week when Ashley Cole was ruled out for a month with a stress fracture of his foot, is about as good as the news gets.

Perhaps I should rephrase that: It’s about the only news there is. Fortunately, Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has come out with a timely interview in the Daily Telegraph that allows me to add this sentence to what would have otherwise been a very barren blog entry indeed. He reveals we’ve got some cash to spend if we need to – but that we won’t splash it on any old average Johnny – that he opposed pursuing the Russians in the Cole War (does that pun work?), and that at the grand old age of 70 he has no plans to retire. I suggest you read it if you’re bored.

Right, I’m off to watch The Untouchables – Season 2003-4 Review. That’ll cheer me up. Might bring a tear to the eye too, we shall see.


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