Dear Arsene. Please keep Vermaelen fit, somehow.

In the principle of my fuzzy mind, I consider Sundays to be prime territory for blogging, bacon & eggs, papers and general loafing. In the practise of my actual life, however, I have small children: this means that somewhere ranging between one and all of the above Sunday activities falls by the wayside.

Experiencing the game on Saturday was interesting though, as I found myself ticking off various football-experiencing mediums as the game progressed. I managed to sneak out to the big screen in the pub for the first 45 minutes, before switching to a web stream (which broke), then onto the radio, before finishing the last few of the 95 minutes on Twitter on my phone. It was there that I learned of Bendtner’s winner, just as I was penning something miserable and bitter at having dropped two crucial points.

Things are going pretty well and it’s come to something that I started getting excited about going to the West Ham game this afternoon. It’s far too soon.

No better way to calm down then than to start worrying about hypothetical scenarios.

The scenario that got me sweating was the one that involves Thomas Vermaelen getting injured. I’m sure most fans of the teams that most want us to fail, if they could nobble anyone, would pick him at the moment. Of course, it goes without saying that Fabregas is a one-man assist machine, top scorer and general dynamo, but with Nasri and Diaby playing well we can just about survive without him.

Not so Thomas Vermaelen. With Gallas already out for a month and with no timeframe for his return, it’s now down to Campbell and Silvestre to partner Vermaelen. With both being older than they used to be (that’s the diplomatic way of putting it in Silvestre’s case), there really is no option but to play the Belgian in every single game between now and the end of the season – he is the glue that binds the defence together. He’s played 40 games this season – more than any other Arsenal player, and he’ll need to play a minimum of ten more.

Campbell has been an inspired signing, a fantastic influence off the pitch and an experienced hand on it, but he can’t be expected to play more than once a week and at 35 I think it’s safe to say that he’s creaking a touch.

Silvestre will need to step in to do his share – and he’s our fourth-choice centre-half for a good reason.

Now, if I was still in possession of my vivid green moth-eaten jumper, which as well as making me visible on the north bank to the naked eye from all corners of Highbury was an unbeaten, lucky jumper, then the solution would be to hand – I’d simply wear it between now and the end of the season and all would be well.

But my mum threw it away in 1987.

So now I just worry and hope.