Public Flamini Number One

View image | Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal Sometimes, when a player shows some serious tekkers all you want to do is put the goal on loop, sit back and marvel.…

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Giroud, Giroud, Giroud is on fire

Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham Doffed chapeaus all round - to Giroud, for an imposing performance in which he scored a deft little number ("good touch for a big man"), to Mertesacker…

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With respect to Sanogo

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I've been away, loafing in Ionian sunshine, studying things from afar, so much as 'things' can reasonably be called 'things'. So for real action, the Fenerbahce game was my season…

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Another week of transfer fluff

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Here we are again, another week on, and the transfer market has hardly broken its moorings as yet. Yes, we've seen Man Utd buy two players, Liverpool one, but really,…

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