No place to Jekyll and Hyde

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And so to the derby, which gets no less nerve-wracking with the passing of the years. I almost always profess my fear and pessimism prior to the game, which stands…

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Going for it | AGM | Superhuman Alexis

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The break nearly broke me I try - lord knows I try - to get enthused by watching England, but unless it’s a whopper of a match I just can’t.…

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A shrug of the shoulder and a pffft

Arsenal 2-3 Olympiacos I know it’s the most spoilt thing to say, given how other teams look on at our repeated qualification with envy, but I’ve felt fairly ambivalent about…

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Public Flamini Number One

View image | Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal Sometimes, when a player shows some serious tekkers all you want to do is put the goal on loop, sit back and marvel.…

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Sweet and unsavoury

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I must confess, I didn’t see Gabriel escaping his ban. I’m happy that he has, of course, as it was a nothing flick of the foot and was clearly provoked…

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Hindsight, transfers and hats.

It still takes me by surprise when the passage of time makes a result different. You’d have thought that 30 years of watching Arsenal in the flesh would have given…

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