A very fine, if rather damp, morning to you all.

This summer’s current account: £6m in the black (assuming Hleb cost the £8m I read that he cost, and Vieira the £14m widely reported).

Unless you ‘made’ your money in Siberian oilfields, money’s not as ready a commodity as it was, perhaps, three or four seasons ago. If we were to sign Baptista, we’d have spent something in the region of £20m this summer – a hefty sum for us – but taking the Vieira money into account, it’s only about £6m, which isn’t really an awful lot when you consider that the Russians have spent £30m already and seem hell-bent on making that £55m with a little shopping spree to Lyon.

That’s what we’re up against – but as usual, Wenger is busy (probably as we speak) polishing some young gems to fill the gaps that might previously have been filled with expensive signings. OK, so Fabregas, Flamini, van Persie, Bentley, Senderos and Hoyte might have next to no experience, and they cost either next to nothing or actually nothing, but who’s not excited by their emergence?

Personally, I’m well excited, and their arrival has got to be one of the reasons why we’ve only added modestly to our squad so far this summer.

Talking of Bentley, I’ve been quite impressed at what I’ve seen in both the interweb-televised games I’ve seen (at least, the bits when the live feed wasn’t jerking around wildly). I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see an increasing amount of him this season – he’s got the touch, and the vision, to make it. All he needs is the application and I reckon we could have some player on our hands.

Kiss of death that comment – you watch him get sent out on loan this afternoon…

And as for the comments by that Chelski mercenary – I was going to say something in response, but I’ve just realised I’ve got some hoovering to do.