It might be time for Stuart Taylor to move on, said his champion and former mentor Bob Wilson on Sky Sports News this morning.

“The buck stops with Arsene, it’s the one area we used to disagree on,” said Bob, when discussing the flop-topped 24-year-old keeper. The news report then wheeled out the none-too-impressive stat of 46 league games in eight years (though realistically, he was never going to play between the ages of 16 and 20, was he?)

It’s an emotive one this: Some think he’s not good enough, some rate him, and while we can’t read Arsene’s mind, the fact he has not even made second choice, given the paucity of Manuel Almunia, pretty much says it all.

“I’ve got absolutely no doubt we’ll hear a lot about Stuart Taylor”, Bob ended, emphatically. We may do, but it looks increasingly likely it won’t be at Arsenal.

And elsewhere, there’s a story about Barca wanting Thierry (not worth the keyboard wear and tear that one), while Edu edges nearer joining Valencia. If he edges there any slower, he’ll never make it. Maybe if he tries to jog there, he’ll aggravate whatever bone/muscle it is that is currently not fully functioning.