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Borussian Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal A few observations now that the dust of the Dortmund storm is settling (ha!) World Cup focus? I offer this as an olive branch to Messrs Mertesacker and (in particular) Ozil, neither of whom has started the season on fire. Could it be hard to re-adjust and re-focus after winning football’s […]

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14 July – quick poll 12 July – old post How nice is it to be able to crane the old neck away from the World Cup, and back in the other direction, towards the league, and towards Arsenal. I was getting a crick. Looking back, it’s very clear that I’ve barely troubled my laptop […]

I love the World Cup, and contrary to the experiences of some, I’ve loved this one just as much as any other. Who can argue with three live games of football a day? Sure, the ball is an aberration but what do you expect from a tournament that is at least in part about Fifa’s […]

Remember how Wenger stated he’d like to get his transfers sorted before the World Cup began? He’ll be lucky. Most high-calibre players are content to wait until the tournament ends before thinking about what happens next – even if their agents are busy doing stuff in the background. So when the tournament kicks off a […]

Strewth, it’s quiet. In fact, there’s been a whiff of close season to things. Partly I suppose because we’ve got the weekend off, and partly because losing to Barcelona seems to have kicked off some early transfer speculation. Why is this when there’s still so much to play for? Partly, it’s natural to wonder how […]

It must be a bit frustrating for le Boss to have to spend so much time talking down two of his players. But I guess that’s the peril of a World Cup year. With van Persie, talk of an early return emanated initially from the Dutch national camp. It was of course on national duty […]