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Aroused from my blogging slumbers again, now what is it this time? This had better bloody well be important. Well, it’s Robin van Persie to all intents and purposes handing his notice in, without actually handing his notice in. Not extending his contract is all down – he says – to the fact that “we […]

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W.B.A. 2-3 Arsenal We score an early goal, then we let two in, then we score two more before holding on for dear life for the win. And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums up Arsenal’s strengths and weaknesses in one handy cut-out-and-keep sentence. Ultimately though, despite pretty much three dicky patches, ten league defeats and […]

Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea One point from six now, and yet we remain in charge of our own destiny – just about – thanks to our twelfth man, ‘results elsewhere’. God bless Results Elsewhere and all who sail in her! That our closest rivals now – or at least, for now – are not from London […]

Wolves 0-3 Arsenal A fine win, but one I followed only via the Opta messages on the notification screen of my phone. I like to experience new matchday experiences, you see. It was a bit underwhelming if I’m honest. Unlike the game itself, which from an Arsenal perspective at least was entirely whelming. Losing a […]

Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle I must confess that with the late flashing wide of a shot by van Persie, the shinning of a presentable chance by Rosicky (it fizzed off to the corner flag), the air swipe by Gervinho about a yard out and Vermaelen’s header scooped away from under the bar, I thought the evening’s […]

Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal And so a points difference between us and Our Friends Up That Road™ that was looking at 1.20pm last Sunday like it might be 13 points turns out, just a week later, to be only the four. Football fortunes can swivel on a sixpence: there’s not much getting away from it. After […]

Arsenal 7-1 Blackburn Rovers It may sound a tad melodramatic, but I’ve not enjoyed watching Arsenal as much this season as I should have done. All the peripheral stuff has been as fun as ever – the Saturday morning anticipation, hopping on the tube, having a pint before the game and chinwagging with the usual […]

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal So, a pretty dismal start to the New Year, but perhaps a focus sharpener as this month’s transfer window opens. It was the ultimate clichéd game of two halves. Arsenal were pretty damn good in the first, creating loads of chances, passing neatly, very enjoyable to watch and well worth their advantage. […]

Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal Losses and goals conceded are always more palatable when your team acquits itself well. Giving up, or turning up expecting to win, or crumbling inexplicably has been something of a hallmark in recent seasons so one of the most pleasing things about this Arsenal side since October has been the blossoming […]

Pic courtesy of @agsibley Arsenal 1-0 Everton And so it was (and in hindsight, so it was always going to be) that on Arsenal’s 125th birthday party the score was one-nil to the Arsenal. That was a nice touch, eh? To top it off, it wasn’t just any old bog standard, common-or-garden winning goal, it […]