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A very good morning to you on a humdinger of an English summer’s day. 30c+ days are like Chamakh goals in this country – we get a few in late summer then nothing at all for the rest of the year. The new season is upon us too, which means we have one of those […]

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Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City One-nil to the Arsenal, and as one goal wins go, that one was as sweet as it was deserved. Sweet because we needed a win and we needed a performance after that baffling foot-off-the-pedal defeat at QPR. Wenger said it was a blip and that yesterday we’d see the real Arsenal […]

Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal And so a points difference between us and Our Friends Up That Road™ that was looking at 1.20pm last Sunday like it might be 13 points turns out, just a week later, to be only the four. Football fortunes can swivel on a sixpence: there’s not much getting away from it. After […]

Arsenal 2-1 Olympiacos Whaddya mean, why can’t Arsenal do things the easy way? When did we ever do things the easy way? No no no, we can’t possibly put the game to bed at the earliest opportunity. Much better to give us all real value for our sky-high ticket prices by keeping the outcome of […]

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United Well, that was fun. Fresh out of the title race and with the handbrake well and truly off, Arsenal put in the kind of shift and performance that – had they happened more frequently this season – would have been the benchmark. That our benchmark has in fact been drawing or […]

Warning: This blog contains the cliche ‘one game at a time’ It’s a glorious, bright spring morning in London: perfect for a trip to the Grove. It makes sense to me that if the man in the street gets an uplift from the joys of a beautiful spring day, then the man on the pitch […]

Arsenal 0-0 Manchester City In the pub beforehand, there wasn’t a single member of our party who envisaged anything other than a home win, and some of us thought we might get three goals (I think I went for 2-1). All I can say in hindsight is it’s a good job none of us are […]

Arsenal 1-0 West Ham There are days when I go to the football and soak the whole thing in. Then there are days when I don’t go to the football but follow it on TV or on the radio and on Twitter. And then there are days when I can neither go to the game […]

Here we go again! It’s time to get back on track, iron out our failings and learn from our mistakes. Simples. Of course, losing is part of the rich tapestry of football. But losing while seemingly having forgotten the basics is harder to shrug off. If you fall off a horse, they say, the best […]

Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal Football has the capacity to bowl all manner of unpleasant googlies at you – if you’ll pardon my mangling of sporting metaphors – and the last-minute equaliser is right up there with the least pleasant of them all. Sometimes you score them and sometimes you concede them, and yesterday it was our […]