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Arsenal 4-0 Coventry City Has there been a wetter season at the Emirates? Ordinarily it rarely simultaneously rains and blows a gale in a northerly direction during a game, thus rendering the roof entirely incidental where I am sitting (which is near the front of the lower tier, as you can see above). But yet […]

Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham Doffed chapeaus all round – to Giroud, for an imposing performance in which he scored a deft little number (“good touch for a big man”), to Mertesacker for his robotic leg, to all-action Flamini for coming on, rustier than a shipwreck, and getting stuck in from the off. To Ramsey for another […]

I’ve been away, loafing in Ionian sunshine, studying things from afar, so much as ‘things’ can reasonably be called ‘things’. So for real action, the Fenerbahce game was my season opener, and it was as good a spectacle as any game in which you’ve got a three goal lead can be. Ramsey – excellent, Cazorla […]

Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa As Villa’s third goal went it yesterday, consigning us to our first opening-day defeat for 20 years, I felt a twinge of pity. A clash of calendars had rendered me elsewhere so I was watching it unfold on the Twitters (never good for one’s equilibrium), and I suddenly felt a pang […]

Last summer: 30th April – Podolski signing announced 26th June – Giroud signing announced 7th August – Cazorla signing announced Looking back at our main activity last summer, Podolski’s deal was sorted almost ludicrously early (very un-Arsenal-like), Giroud’s in good time and Cazorla’s as the season was about to begin. July was a total wasteland, […]

A couple of tweets yesterday, from Rory Smith of The Times, which I found interesting. Two thoughts before bed. It's no coincidence Liverpool want £40m for Suarez and Real now want the same for Higuain. A game is afoot. — Rory Smith (@RorySmithTimes) July 17, 2013 This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? If […]


It’s a case of Like, Yikes! as another spooky tour through the emotions concludes in a dilapidated mansion of despondency. Pick your own baddy dressed up as a pretend ghoul and you can write the ending yourself. This blog has gone semi-fallow, a little like the team I love, but can you blame me? I’m […]

There are a fair few players who are surplus to requirements at the club. And there are a few positions we could murder some reinforcements in. I think that both these things are fair to say. Incoming, we already a thoroughbred German with a trillion national caps and a very decent scoring record indeed. (Incidentally, […]

They’re up for grabs now! Wenger, right at the end. An unbelievable climax to the transfer window I can safely say I can’t recall the like. What began with the low of an abject eight-goal capitulation at Old Trafford has ended with the high of five new faces to bolster the ranks. We may never […]

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal ‘Will you quit?’, Wenger was asked following Arsenal’s worst league defeat since 1896. That Wenger’s future is now being routinely debated – and he is being asked to his face – tells you all you need to know about the situation at the club. How has it come to this? Yes, […]