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Oops. Two weeks have zipped past with nary a word. There are mitigating factors, though. Straight after the Blackburn game I took a wrong turn in Chipping Barnet and ended up 6,000 miles away, and as luck wouldn’t have it, it was the middle of the day when we played Bayern and I was in […]

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Arsenal 5-2 Totteringhams Not bad for a team that hadn’t been in control of the game from the first minute to the last, eh, is it, Andre? I especially liked the bit at the end of the first half when we were so not in control that we scored twice and could have scored another. […]

I laid down the fountain pen after my last entry some 17 days ago, full of the best intentions to rattle off a post here, another there, and to keep up the forward motion gained from that helter-skelter nut-bag of a win at Reading. “Football is about momentum and morale and confidence,” I said, evidently […]