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W.B.A. 1-2 Arsenal A few days from it all does wonders for your soul – and it transpires that Arsenal haven’t done so badly in my absence either, with an I’m-away record of P2 W2 F6 A2. Perhaps I should leave the metropolis more often. In fact, we’ve now won five out of six league […]

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Manchester City 1-1 Arsenal Now, when Gibbs gave that corner away, the ball wafted over and Joleon Lescott squeezed his dome between two of our players and thudded it past Vito Marooned, the word ‘brilliant’ wouldn’t have been the first one to come to mind. But compared to how last season started, this one has […]

Norwich 1-2 Arsenal Another game, another win. I’ve not dusted that little phrase down for a while now but it looks nice in print (and in pixels). Since losing at our lovely neighbours on October 2nd, we have registered seven wins and one draw in eight games – fine form indeed. In fact, if you […]

Arsenal 1-0 Swansea Back in the good old days, going one up at Highbury meant you could exhale and start enjoying the afternoon. You might not get much more entertainment but you could be pretty confident that you’d get the win. No use comparing eras though: times have changed. Arsenal have changed, the game has […]

They’re up for grabs now! Wenger, right at the end. An unbelievable climax to the transfer window I can safely say I can’t recall the like. What began with the low of an abject eight-goal capitulation at Old Trafford has ended with the high of five new faces to bolster the ranks. We may never […]