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Online. Sometimes, an internet leave of absence is just what the doctor ordered. I rolled up my trouser legs, knotted my hanky and set off south for ten days, and being too stingy to pay for 3G abroad, I made do without the interwebs entirely. Well, not entirely. When I encountered unlocked wifi (as I […]

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Another week rolls by, free of blog entries. I’ll happily admit I really have struggled to inspire myself to write much this summer. In June & July of 2009 – the last football-free summer – I blogged 14 times. This year there have been just six posts in the same period. And all this despite […]

Arsenal signings 2 – 1 Arsenal sales Arsenal: Specialists in snail-paced transfers. The good news is that Gervinho has definitely signed – or at least, he’ll “shortly join” us “subject to a regulatory process”. If Cesc and Nasri’s summer represents the longest goodbye – Wenger disagrees on this point, vehemently – then Gervinho’s has without […]

It’s 18 days since I last peered over the blogging parapet. The last time I did there were very few bullets whizzing over my head. Now there’s a full-blown barrage, though I must confess, I’m not sure who is firing at who. Until someone valued at £10m+ comes in – a big signing, if you […]

“For the first time in a while, I will be very active” With these dozen words, spoken at the tail end of May, Wenger has kicked off a fascinating close season. I didn’t think I’d be enjoying it one bit, but I appear to be doing just that. How so? Given that as much of […]

So the answer to my question ‘Can we keep those three fit until the end of the season’ (see below) was a rather simple ‘no’. Poor old Cesc and his recurring hamstrung hamstring. The timing couldn’t have been worse but what can you do? If he hadn’t played we mightn’t today be just a point […]

Confession: I used the above headline as it’s simply too cheesy to let pass, and if I don’t use it now, it will be even later than the too late it already is. [I haven’t seen it elsewhere but if I’m late to the party I’ll be happy to admit it]. In brief though: Having […]

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona As Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons once said: Oh what a night. I can’t remember anything like it at the Grove. The best match in the five years at the new ground? Definitely, indubitably, unarguably. It was unforgettable. I shouted myself hoarse and the Epic Bundle Counter went off the scale. […]

No sooner had we sunk Wolves on Saturday, my mind turned to this game. I have been thinking of nothing else since, except of course on Valentine’s day, when my mind briefly wandered. (Fulham should have won). I said before the draw that I wanted Barca. The colony of butterflies inhabiting my gut and the […]

Arsenal 1-1 Leeds United Cracking cup tie this. I couldn’t make the game yesterday so watched it on HyundaITV while following the mood on Twitter. There was a fair bit of chiding for various facets of Arsenal’s display but Leeds played very well indeed, let’s not forget. It’s the FA Cup – teams from lower […]