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Wolves 0-2 Arsenal A fine rearguard performance, bookended by two well-taken goals from Chamakh and notable for an exceptional goalkeeping performance from the enigmatic Lukasz Fabianski. Watching Fabianski is not good for one’s general health, it seems. Recent performances have tended to be steps forward, albeit with a mini step backwards against Newcastle. Last night […]

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Manchester City 0-3 Arsenal For much of the week just gone I’ve been muttering – sometimes, but not always to myself – that yesterday’s match was pivotal. Pivotal because, firstly, we’d not beaten either of the Manchesters or Chelsea for something like ten matches, which is a pretty substantial mental block for a team that […]

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal I must admit, I haven’t taken this one well. I was exceptionally downbeat after the game on Sunday. As soon as their first goal went in, my mood darkened. For years, we held the upper hand over Chelsea, and once those things take hold, they can be hard to shift. In recent […]

Partizan Belgrade 1-3 Arsenal I’ve got very little time this morning to chuck something out through the internets, but if I were to lob a couple of observations out there, it would be these: IF Lukasz Fabanski had been able to choose in advance what kind of night he would have, I have no doubt […]

Here we go again! It’s time to get back on track, iron out our failings and learn from our mistakes. Simples. Of course, losing is part of the rich tapestry of football. But losing while seemingly having forgotten the basics is harder to shrug off. If you fall off a horse, they say, the best […]

Blackburn 2-1 Arsenal Another day, another lifeless defeat. Our ‘easy run-in’ has turned into a nightmare, with one point from the last 12 and a succession of infuriatingly weak, insipid performances. The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear. A squad that was meant to end the season on a high – albeit just off […]

Porto Amateur Dramatic Society 2-1 Arsenal I read somewhere earlier this week that Lukasz Fabianski was becoming frustrated by his lack of opportunities at Arsenal. What can you say to that? On that performance, it’s some feat for him to have got any time on the pitch as Arsenal’s goalkeeper at all. When push came […]

Contracts You can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to Arsenal players being offered new contracts, can you? First, misser of two good chances on Tuesday, Charles Vela, earned himself a new deal. And now, talk is of man-of-balsa Thomas Rosickly getting new terms. Might seem a bit weird to some people. […]