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So here we are in the midst of another interlull, just when we didn’t need it. I say ‘just when we didn’t need it’, but I’m pretty sure I say that every time one rears its ugly head. And who knows – after shipping four goals on Saturday, maybe a week away blasting the cobwebs […]

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Before we can all properly address the tightening stomach muscles associated with Saturday’s derby showdown, we have for once got an interlull containing no little Arsenal interest to contend with this evening. Not only has that serial ignorer and arch hater of English talent, Arsene Wenger, gone and quietly provided England with three players – […]

Good morning from a sultry London. At least, I expect it to be sultry later on, or I want my money back. The shorts are on, perfectly complementing the hairy white legs, and I even got the electric fan out the loft last night it was so warm. That’s as big a meteorological death wish […]

I love the World Cup, and contrary to the experiences of some, I’ve loved this one just as much as any other. Who can argue with three live games of football a day? Sure, the ball is an aberration but what do you expect from a tournament that is at least in part about Fifa’s […]

Well here we all are again, a little dustier and a trifle older, but here we all are nevertheless. I did try to get excited about the internationals. But I couldn’t. I missed the Ukraine game entirely, and though I did watch the Belarus game, it was so inconsequential that I lost interest faster than […]

I feel like I should really log in here for an update of some description – but there’s not a whole lot to bat on about, as you are about to find out. All talk is of England’s match tomorrow and as a result, the Arsenal blogs and Twitterers are all pretty quiet. And as […]