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With Eduardo now officially the fifth Arsenal departure of the summer, the squad evolution continues apace. We’ve now lost two attackers (gaining one), three defenders (gaining one) and have gained one midfielder (Wilshere). So in terms of snipping the squad’s deadheads, the work carries on. And unfortunately, a deadhead is what Eduardo had become. You’ll […]

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Blackburn 2-1 Arsenal Another day, another lifeless defeat. Our ‘easy run-in’ has turned into a nightmare, with one point from the last 12 and a succession of infuriatingly weak, insipid performances. The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear. A squad that was meant to end the season on a high – albeit just off […]

Injuries, injuries, injuries. Arseblog this morning reiterated some of the snaps, twangs, fractures, strains and pings that have blighted us this season. It is indeed a minor miracle that, with the injuries we’ve had and got, we’ve arrived at the beginning of April still in contention both in the league and in the European Cup. […]

Word cloud from East Lower – courtesy of Wordle Guardian squad sheet BBC match page Now, it’s got to be said that looking at the stats and the squad sheets above doesn’t get you all that far. It will tell you that Birmingham have a very good home record, but it will also tell you […]

Stoke City 1-3 Arsenal Fortunately for anyone who watches football, the sight of a player screaming in agony with his leg snapped and at the wrong angle is a rarity. I can remember it happening four of five times in all my years watching football. When it happened to Eduardo in 2008, it was too […]

Portsmouth 1-4 Arsenal A thoroughly comfortable win on the south coast saw off 2009 in style and makes the prospect of 2010 more than a little interesting for those of us of red and white persuasion. I’m oop north at the moment, and without Sky on the TV I watched the game live on my […]

Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa Some thoughts: • Was it worth risking Fabregas? Two goals and a game-changing performance answers that question. You can only beat the team you are currently pitted against so it has to have been worth the risk. • Our best 45 minutes of the season? I think it probably was given […]

Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea You can try to take positives out of yesterday’s mauling at the hands of Chelsea, as Wenger did last night, but from where I was sitting it was painfully obvious that our side was brutally exposed. Title challengers? Things can change in football but after yesterday, we need to be honest and […]

Well here we all are again, a little dustier and a trifle older, but here we all are nevertheless. I did try to get excited about the internationals. But I couldn’t. I missed the Ukraine game entirely, and though I did watch the Belarus game, it was so inconsequential that I lost interest faster than […]

Well, frankly, I wasn’t expecting that. Platini must be hiding under his duvet in embarrassment this evening as the Uefa appeals body came to the conclusion that, when it comes to accusing someone of deception, you have to be able to prove it. This was what they had to say about it: Following examination of […]