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Adeus Denilson. Ta-da for now (though I am prepared to wager that the ‘for now’ part will become ‘for good’). Denilson’s departure reminded me that this summer was as much about clearing out some deadwood as it was about bringing in some alivewood [find a new word – Ed]. He’s the first of the exclusive […]

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Blackpool 1-3 Arsenal What a day: A hard-fought and much-needed away win at Blackpool gave way to the momentous news that Stan Kroenke is on the verge of an Arsenal takeover. Oh, and somewhere in the mix was a first team return for mad Jens, aged 41 and a bit. Yep, it was quite a […]

Arsenal 2-0 West Ham No time for a match report this morning, but I did want to share this with you. I took it yesterday, at the end of the game, just as Eboue was about to do his now customary salute to the fans. If anyone has been under a rock these last few […]

Arsenal 3-1 Birmingham City I suppose football is the popular game that it is partly because, while money, good management and history will always bubble to the top over the course of a season, so much still relies on the vagaries of the human mind. So it was yesterday. We started the game as we […]

Here we are again, another week on, and the transfer market has hardly broken its moorings as yet. Yes, we’ve seen Man Utd buy two players, Liverpool one, but really, you’re left with the suspicion that there’s a lot more to come. We’ve got the whole of July before the real pre-season stuff begins, and […]