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It’s 18 days since I last peered over the blogging parapet. The last time I did there were very few bullets whizzing over my head. Now there’s a full-blown barrage, though I must confess, I’m not sure who is firing at who. Until someone valued at £10m+ comes in – a big signing, if you […]

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Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal Another big game, another defeat, and the unwelcome stat about our record against Chelsea and Man Utd can be dusted down, edited and bandied about. I’ll spare you the pain of repeating it but it doesn’t make pretty reading. I was confident, if we played as we are capable of playing, […]

Before we can all properly address the tightening stomach muscles associated with Saturday’s derby showdown, we have for once got an interlull containing no little Arsenal interest to contend with this evening. Not only has that serial ignorer and arch hater of English talent, Arsene Wenger, gone and quietly provided England with three players – […]

Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal Football has the capacity to bowl all manner of unpleasant googlies at you – if you’ll pardon my mangling of sporting metaphors – and the last-minute equaliser is right up there with the least pleasant of them all. Sometimes you score them and sometimes you concede them, and yesterday it was our […]

Some thoughts on winning Yes, winning – you remember it. It’s what I’m confident will happen on Sunday. A combination of hot Spuds breath down our necks, Fulham’s pressing engagement in Hamburg and it being a home fixture ought to be enough to lift the players from their black dog days and ensure the season […]

Arsenal 5-0 Porto 24 hours late, this. Just like the old days, when you went abroad, burned in the sun to cinder and had to wait a day for the papers to pitch up from blighty. Cast yourself back to 1985 and it won’t feel so late. Anyway, we were the first English club through […]

Arsenal 1-3 Manchester Utd So that’s that then – another less than gentle reminder that despite all the pre-match bullishness of Wenger and some of the squad, when push comes to shove the current crop are little more than pretenders. Yesterday’s defeat was as lop-sided as the Chelsea game was, and equally as painful. P8 […]

Morning all. I did the classic thing of waking up in the middle of the night, and in the course of trying to get back to sleep thought of something particularly noteworthy to blog about this morning. Sure enough, when I woke up, I couldn’t remember a jot. I remember once being advised by someone […]

Breaking news: We’ve neither signed nor sold anyone. I switched on Sky Sports News on about 2nd January and they were already lathering at the chops and reminding us that there were a mere 29 days and 6 hours and 14 minutes or whatever it was remaining before the end of the transfer window. Not […]

Manchester City 4-2 Arsenal Bit late in the day to add my tupp’orth about yesterday’s match – couldn’t get anywhere near the pooter till now. Obviously, it’s mostly about Adebayor, which is wrong, but there you go. I only saw the stamp on Match of the Day last night. When you see it in slow […]