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The battle to finish second – or at least in the automatic Champions League slots – has twisted and turned but with some strange fizzling-outs elsewhere in recent weeks, it’s opened up for Arsenal. United, who were winning without convincing, have slumped at a peculiar time. Liverpool, ditto, though they won’t have given up hope […]

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Borussian Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal A few observations now that the dust of the Dortmund storm is settling (ha!) World Cup focus? I offer this as an olive branch to Messrs Mertesacker and (in particular) Ozil, neither of whom has started the season on fire. Could it be hard to re-adjust and re-focus after winning football’s […]

Image courtesy of Arsenal Tickets Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich Another year, another mountain to climb. This time, it’s all about the frustrating ‘what ifs’. Things could and should have been so different but a missed penalty, an injury to Gibbs and a red card for Szczesny meant we were up against it with limited scope […]

And so it came to pass, as they said in the olden days (along with other common but now old-fashioned phrases like ‘Willlttttttooooooord!’ and ‘it’s up for grabs now’). We lost the derby and I went into hiding and swore a vow of blogging silence. That, at least, is this week’s feeble excuse. Honestly, how […]

AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal I have not been blogging recently and I must say, I’ve not really missed it. It would not be fair to solely blame the gradual declining form of Arsenal for the gradual declining form of this blog but the seemingly perpetual cycle of poor defeat followed by gentle recovery followed by […]

So Friday rolls round again in a flash, apparently seven days after it last did. That doesn’t feel quite possible. Olympiacos on Tuesday started badly and never really picked up, but if you haven’t yet filed that one away under ‘nothing to dwell too much on’ then I shall politely recommend that you do. The […]

Arsenal 2-1 Borussia Dortmund A fine win against a very decent side means that our last group game (Matchday 6 – aah, the romance of the cup) will be all stations to Dead Rubbersville. In fact, it will be a reprise of 2009 when an Arsenal side already assured of top spot sent out the […]

Morning, trolololo! The sun is once again out, spring has erupted and my miserable mood has evaporated. Arsenal are at the seaside today and I can’ wait. Wenger’s injury latest – always much anticipated – tells us that Fabregas is definitely back, Ramsey too, but that Walcott, Sagna & Song may not make the grade. […]

Random, late Friday night checkin from me. It’s been one of those weeks. Was I surprised about Wednesday’s result? Not really. But I do think too much can be read into results like that. Part of the problem, I think, lies as ever with the format of the competition we were playing in. We waltzed […]

Here we go again! It’s time to get back on track, iron out our failings and learn from our mistakes. Simples. Of course, losing is part of the rich tapestry of football. But losing while seemingly having forgotten the basics is harder to shrug off. If you fall off a horse, they say, the best […]