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Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal Another year, another aggregate defeat to Barcelona, but this one was tinged with a dose of ‘what if’. What if, at 1-1, we had remained with eleven men? Would the game, as Wenger argues, have opened up and presented us with a really good opportunity to go through? And what if, at […]

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Will concentration be an issue after our big night on Wednesday? It has been for me. If I’ve watched van Persie’s and Arshavin’s goals once, I’ve watched them a hundred times. I’ve chewed the game over with anyone who cares to listen (and some who don’t), I’ve digested all the podcasts, I’ve modded my iPhone […]

No sooner had we sunk Wolves on Saturday, my mind turned to this game. I have been thinking of nothing else since, except of course on Valentine’s day, when my mind briefly wandered. (Fulham should have won). I said before the draw that I wanted Barca. The colony of butterflies inhabiting my gut and the […]

When you’re having a discussion – mid match – as to whether the skittish birds circling and swooping at the Grove are plovers or wagtails, you can safely assume that the fayre being served up on the pitch does not match the tucker promised on the menu. Contenders or pretenders? On Wednesday night’s evidence we […]

This is a short, excitable update ahead of our European Cup quarter-final decider in the Nou Camp. With the tweets of the gooners already or soon to be in Barcelona beginning to land on my tweetstep, things will only get more giddy from hereon in. Am I jealous of them? What do you reckon. The […]

Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona North Bank flags What an unbelievable game of football. My mind is still boggling. I’ve seen some good teams at the Grove in my time and I’ve seem some defiant comebacks too, but both on the same night? As a spectacle, this one was epic. Let it be said that Barcelona were […]

Guardian squad sheet BBC preview Another weekend, another match we can’t afford not to win, but for the time being at least we dream of Catalonia. Yes of course, the draw for the European Cup could have pitted us against CSKA Moscow or Bordeaux, but where’s the fun in that? To me, the European Cup […]