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Good morning, and as the French say, ‘April Fish’. Internationals have been and gone, and there seem to have been wall-to-wall matches since Thursday. Uefa changed this a few years ago, it transpires. Was it changed because: a. We need to think about the fans more b. To benefit the players c. To maximise TV […]

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Wigan 0-1 Arsenal One-nil to the Arsenal, that old war-cry of a result, forged during an era when we were often dour but brutally effective in defence. It was a long time ago, that. In fact it’s only the second win by that scoreline this season, the other being QPR at home. Since that era […]

Arsenal 1-0 Manchester City One-nil to the Arsenal, and as one goal wins go, that one was as sweet as it was deserved. Sweet because we needed a win and we needed a performance after that baffling foot-off-the-pedal defeat at QPR. Wenger said it was a blip and that yesterday we’d see the real Arsenal […]

Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa Here I am again, fashionably late. A little bit like Arteta’s free-kick then, which will have been missed by hordes of Arsenal fans who’d upped sticks and begun their homeward journey already. Among these I count the remaining members of the merry throng I sit with, including Brother Wimbledon, Snowboard Rob […]

Arsenal 1-0 Swansea Back in the good old days, going one up at Highbury meant you could exhale and start enjoying the afternoon. You might not get much more entertainment but you could be pretty confident that you’d get the win. No use comparing eras though: times have changed. Arsenal have changed, the game has […]

They’re up for grabs now! Wenger, right at the end. An unbelievable climax to the transfer window I can safely say I can’t recall the like. What began with the low of an abject eight-goal capitulation at Old Trafford has ended with the high of five new faces to bolster the ranks. We may never […]