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Adeus Denilson. Ta-da for now (though I am prepared to wager that the ‘for now’ part will become ‘for good’). Denilson’s departure reminded me that this summer was as much about clearing out some deadwood as it was about bringing in some alivewood [find a new word – Ed]. He’s the first of the exclusive […]

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Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal Another year, another aggregate defeat to Barcelona, but this one was tinged with a dose of ‘what if’. What if, at 1-1, we had remained with eleven men? Would the game, as Wenger argues, have opened up and presented us with a really good opportunity to go through? And what if, at […]

Arsenal 2-3 W.B.A. I have for a long time inexplicably looked out for West Brom’s results, a footballing peculiarity I can trace back to collecting Panini stickers in 1980, when theirs was the first team I had all the stickers for. At that time, with players like Robson and Regis, they were one of the […]

The Arsenal goalkeeping mystery It’s not often I quote old Shakey, mainly because I’m not the brightest bulb in the room, but here goes: “If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well it were done quickly”. For the goalkeeping situation to have gone on this long unresolved is really very odd if you […]

So Phil Senderos has officially left Arsenal – two seasons after he effectively did anyway. There’s been a lot of goodwill on Twitter and across the blogs and that’s fair enough. Senderos was an uncomplicated player who gave his all, never moaned and represented the club very well indeed. He was an up-and-down player though, […]

Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona North Bank flags What an unbelievable game of football. My mind is still boggling. I’ve seen some good teams at the Grove in my time and I’ve seem some defiant comebacks too, but both on the same night? As a spectacle, this one was epic. Let it be said that Barcelona were […]

Birmingham City 1-1 Arsenal At the risk of repeating myself, a draw yesterday did indeed end up feeling like a ‘hammer blow’. Wenger merely called it a ‘big blow’, but if you squinted you could read the word ‘hammer’ in the furrows of his brow during the post-match interview. The nature of the draw made […]

Eek, a whole week since the last post. Which means I’m bouncing straight from a dismal post-mortem straight into this preview. I’d like to say my outlook has changed and I’m bursting with confidence. I’m certainly more sanguine than I was on Monday morning. It’s been a funny week, coloured at the end by Wenger […]

Arsenal 1-3 Manchester Utd So that’s that then – another less than gentle reminder that despite all the pre-match bullishness of Wenger and some of the squad, when push comes to shove the current crop are little more than pretenders. Yesterday’s defeat was as lop-sided as the Chelsea game was, and equally as painful. P8 […]

Burnley 1-1 Arsenal Was this really a bad result? Given Burnley’s home record it’s not. Burnley, for all their sieve-like qualities on the road, are a strong side at at Turf Moor. We all knew that and so it proved. But compared to the results across the rest of the league last night, then it […]