Sol’s had it pretty good as an England player, hasn’t he? Despite the emergence of John Terry, he’s always been picked to start the big games (when fit). I wonder whether that’s now changed.

As I sat watching Ferdinand and Terry tidying up against the admittedly unexceptional Northern Irish, it struck me that Sol’s position of pre-eminence could well now be over. Terry is bound to be one of the front-runners for player of the season, while Ferdinand’s name is pretty much the first on the England teamsheet.

Clearly, his injuries have affected his chances, but sometimes an enforced absence is all it takes for the balance to shift from one player to another. One thing’s for sure: When he is fit and firing on all cyclinders, Sony Goran Ericsson is going to have one hell of a difficult decision to make.

Even if Sol is no longer Mr First Choice, it could end up benefitting us. Evidently, at 30, his body is not as injury-defiant as it used to be, and from a purely selfish point of view, the less gruelling his England schedule, the better.

On the same subject, Campbell should be back from injury soon. That could see a partnership of Campbell and Senderos – for the first time. It doesn’t take a genius to work out one of the reasons why our defence has never got going this season – the central defensive pairing has never stayed the same long enough.

Here are the different partnerships we’ve had, in chronological order;

Toure Cygan (3)
Toure Hoyte (1)
Toure Cygan (2)
Toure Campbell (4)
Toure Cygan (4)
Toure Campbell (7)
Toure Senderos (1)
Toure Campbell (2)
Cygan Campbell (1)
Cygan Senderos (1)
Toure Cygan (1)
Senderos Cygan (2)
Toure Senderos (1)

That’s six different central defensive partnerships. And if Campbell gets paired with Senderos, that’ll make it seven.