Arsenal 0-2 Schalke

There was one point last night, during a lull that could have been anytime between the first and 90th minute, but let’s say for the sake of argument it was the 70th minute, when I peered to my left and noticed Shedman craning his neck to the sky. “Is that a plane?” he asked, looking at a red light, “or is it sand from the Sahara desert that has found its way to the upper atmosphere”?

We all peered upwards and stared. Maybe for a few seconds, maybe for a few minutes. Then the moon came out, its pitted surface as clear as anything, and mesmerised us, before disappearing behind a cloud once more.

“It’s a crane”, said Capability Mike.

So we all started watching the football again.

I think, if pushed, that and the excellent lamb kebab I had from Bodrum on Highbury Corner were the two highlights of the evening.