Month / March 2013

Image borrowed from here I like to think that this is the very machine that our merry gang of defenders sat down in front of the other day in a bid to fix things defensively. You see, Arshavin, when he was trying to find a copy of his contract in the basement, had stumbled upon […]

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Swansea 0-2 Arsenal Optimism is not an emotion I have much associated with this stuttering season, during which all our weaknesses have been laid bare on far too many occasions, but I have been in a curiously upbeat mood since our ultimately futile win in Bavaria. I thought we’d win in Swansea – based on […]

I’ve been pretty down on all things Arsenal recently. Down on our chances, down on writing this blog, down on everything. Down on wages, down on the ticket prices, down on some of the players, down on the crest (still think it’s crap). Down on Le Boss. Now look, things could go wrong again tomorrow […]

And so it came to pass, as they said in the olden days (along with other common but now old-fashioned phrases like ‘Willlttttttooooooord!’ and ‘it’s up for grabs now’). We lost the derby and I went into hiding and swore a vow of blogging silence. That, at least, is this week’s feeble excuse. Honestly, how […]

Oops. Two weeks have zipped past with nary a word. There are mitigating factors, though. Straight after the Blackburn game I took a wrong turn in Chipping Barnet and ended up 6,000 miles away, and as luck wouldn’t have it, it was the middle of the day when we played Bayern and I was in […]